Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Andrew is now in Biloxi Mississippi. He really likes it there. He starts his training for being an instructor next Monday and just has to report in and the rest of the day is his until then. And once his training is over, if he doesn't have a class to teach, the day is his. He says he's gonna like that. LOLLori has been thinking about finding her own apartment.

She says she move back hom, she hasn't decided. Her lease is up in March so she has a while to decide and save up money if she wants our on her own. She turns 22 in 14 days. Man, am I getting old.

Doug sounds like he is doing well in boot camp. All his letters have sounded up beat. He had his wisdom treeth pulled and got a day of bed rest. He also got 800 mg of Motrin a day and he said he wasn't feeling a thing. LOL He did say his knees have been bothering him. He goes up to camp Pendeleton on Saturday for four weeks. He will get to shoot his rifle and do lots more marching. The Crucible will be done there also.

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Happywife84 said...

WOW! Yay for the weight loss! What have you been doing?

Why does Lori want to change her living arrnagements?