Monday, May 14, 2007


With Mother's Day, I became a little reflective. I will soon be an "Empty Nester" as some say.

May always seems to be a crazy month at our house. We have end of the year concerts, awards programs, baseball games, end of the season picnic, Memorial Day and Race day here in Indy, and it marks the end of the school year for the kids.

This May is just as crazy! Only I find it a kind of sad due to the fact it is our final busy May, after 17 years, it's coming to an end. Doug, will be graduated this year.

I find myself wondering how I will spend my evenings with no more freezing at soccer games, cheering at basketball, or running the scoreboard at baseball. No more school concerts to go to either. My what progress the kids made over the years!

So, as this chapter comes to a close, I guess I'll have to wait for grandkids! Then, Crazy Mays can start again! LOL


kcarr said...

(((Melinda))) I can only imagine how you feel. I still have a long time before I go through this, my youngest is turning 8... but I get anxiety just thinking about it. You'll just have to find some more hobbies to keep you active. :o)

Happywife84 said...

I"m right with you. Even though I have the little ones, I am feeling empty nest..didnt think I would. I had always thought when Doug & James graduated we would get to play several times a week! lol